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Confused About What to Wear? – 3 questions to help you decide what outfits to wear for your Session

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Your session is booked, your hair and makeup are taken care of, and you’re all prepped for your session… now what do you wear? This is the question Boudoir Photographers get from almost every client! After you book a session with me we can talk about outfits and my suggestions for you – I even provide you with a list of things to get you out of your mental block for outfits. Here are some of the questions I ask clients to get them thinking about things to bring for their session.

  1. What is the purpose of your session? This is the first thing you should think about. Will these photos be a gift for yourself or someone else? Are you celebrating something? Maybe you’re doing it for yourself so you can learn to love the body you’re in. When you’ve decided the “why” for your session, this will help you think about what you want to see in the photos.

  2. What will you do with your photos? Thinking about how you want them displayed will help you decide how revealing you want your photos to be. If you want something to hang in your living room, you may want to choose at least one outfit that covers a little more. If you’re looking to keep your photos private, you’ll feel more comfortable showing a little more skin. Maybe it’s a mix of the two? Thinking about where you’ll keep your photos will help you decide what you’ll want to show in them.

  3. What is your style? You should be sure you’re wearing things you’re comfortable in. Do you have a pair of jeans that make you feel good every time you put them on? If you feel uncomfortable in lingerie, you won’t be relaxed during your session. A good boudoir photographer can help you make anything look good! Have a favorite sweatshirt? Bring it with you! Maybe you have the most comfortable pj’s that you love. Those are great too! Matching your comfort with your style will help ensure you love your photos.

Some clients know just what they want to bring for their sessions, while others struggle with this one thing more than anything else. If you’re really having a difficult time deciding, talk to your photographer. They can walk you through what your session will be like, ask you questions and give you ideas. What you wear should be the fun part of your session!

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