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Planning Boudoir As A Gift? - 5 Reasons Your Boudoir Session is For YOU

It’s always nice to have a reason to have a Boudoir Session, and giving the photos as a gift for that someone special always makes for a memorable event. But let’s be honest. Your Special Someone’s reaction to the photos is really just a bonus to how you’ll feel after your session. Here are just some of the reasons your Boudoir Session is really for you.

  1. Tell your story, and love it. Those freckles, scars, stretch marks, laugh lines, they’re all part of who you are. Instead of shunning them and trying to cover them up, step into them, they are a piece of you. It’s so much more fun to love yourself than hate certain aspects of you. Let a session show you that those pieces, they’re gorgeous, and they help make up the beauty that is you. You wouldn’t have your kids if you didn’t have those stretch marks. Those laugh lines mean you have loved life and the people in it. It’s such a beautiful experience to see the evidence of a life well lived. Let’s embrace your life and where you’ve been. You wouldn’t be you without it.

  2. Get in touch with your inner rebel. Society would love for you to believe that you always have to work, and will never achieve a beautiful body. Let me tell you this, Every woman I know has insecurities about her body – no matter what size or shape she is. So instead of worrying about what media and those around you view as beautiful let’s get rebellious! You are going to love your body for the shape and size it is, and give society the finger when it comes to telling you how you should look.

  3. Take time for you. This is another area that may require some rebelling. We don’t always feel like we can take the time or spend the money on ourselves. I’m here to tell you its not only ok, it’s vital. Unashamedly decide that you’re going to celebrate and pamper yourself and revel in how delicious it feels. When you are filled up with some “me” time and feeling wonderful, you are now in a better place to be present and loving for your family, friends and all of life. Doing something to take care of you isn’t selfish – it’s called self-care. When you allow yourself to do something just for you once in a while; you’ll see how it can positively impact all areas of your life.

  4. You deserve to feel confident. You know those days when your hair is tamed and curling the way you want, or when your makeup seemed just perfect? There’s an extra confidence you feel on those days that everything is going right. You deserve to feel that confidence daily, even when the humidity is killing your hair! When you have a boudoir session you see how gorgeous your whole body is, you will constantly go back to that day - in memory and by looking at your photos, and feel that confidence. The world will see it too, when you hold your head up high and have an extra spring in your step. Everything in life seems easier when you’re feeling good about yourself.

  5. It’s an experience. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. If a boudoir session sounds like a fun adventure, or it scares the heck out of you, then those are times to do it! You will grow and learn something about yourself. When you accomplish something that excites and frightens you at the same time, you realize what an amazing woman you are and how capable you are of doing anything you set your mind to! I’m a firm believer in doing the things that are important to you. Take the trips, laugh daily, make the memories. When I am 90 looking back on my life, I want to say “damn that was a fun ride”, not “I wish I would have done more things.” How about you?

Hopefully you can see why your photos would make a wonderful gift for your special someone, but they also make a great gift for yourself. You don’t need someone else to give the photos to – do a Boudoir Session for YOU!

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