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Things Your Boudoir Photographer Wants You To Know

As I move into my 12th year of photographing women, there are a lot of things that I have heard over and over again from clients as well as things I hear from fellow photographers. My hope is to get clients and photographers on the same page about what to expect from Boudoir!

It’s ok to be nervous. In fact, I welcome it! Nerves mean you are outside your comfort zone. Guess where all the fun stuff happens in life? That’s right – outside your comfort zone!! That’s where growth and self-discovery thrive. Embrace the nerves, I promise they won’t last long.

We aren’t judging (or even really looking) at your body. I know that sounds crazy, but as photographers – that is not our job. Our job is to master posing, light, emotion, etc… So yes although we SEE you, we aren’t picking you apart. We are actually always aiming to capture the best of you and therefore, that is what we see.

On that note, you should know – Both Men and Women make great photographers! Yes, there are some perverts out there, however, some of the best boudoir photographers I have seen are men. Men have the ability to see women in a different way than women do. It’s not that one way is wrong or right. They’re just different. When searching for a photographer, think about who will make you feel more comfortable. Want to bring a friend to the shoot to help you relax? Great! But be sure you bring a friend who won’t be insulted when you throw her out of the room! A true professional will never make you feel uncomfortable – so you might not need her as much as you think.

Wardrobe is key!!

With the proper wardrobe, you are giving your photographer the ability to pose you any way they would like. By posing you properly, we will always make you look as good as you look in real life, if not better! And do yourself a favor – Get yourself measured!! Most women are wearing the wrong bra size. The proper bra size makes you look firmer, trimmer and way hotter. (Oh and PS… your period isn’t an excuse to cancel a shoot – a little bloat doesn’t really show on camera.)

The women I photograph aren’t supermodels, they’re just like you and I. With good wardrobe choices, professional hair and makeup and my expertise with light and posing your photos will be stunning.

Photoshop isn't ALWAYS the answer.

Ok yes, there are SOME things we can photoshop out – like that little tattoo you got one drunk night when you were 18. Maybe that can easily go, but if it covers your whole back, maybe not. Talk to your photographer about their photoshop policies before you book them!

My Photoshop policy is that I want you to look like you. If we are talking removing a few blemishes or maybe a little roll, I'm willing to talk about it with you. If you want me to make you look like someone else, I'm not the right photographer for you.

The weirder it feels, the better it looks!

A lot of photographers bill a photoshoot as a fun sexy day in which you will be pampered. Almost like a spa day. I am here to tell you that even though you WILL feel amazing, and it IS a time to only think about you and get a little pampered, it is a lot of work. We are going to pose you and make you wear uncomfortable shoes and you'll wear things you only thought were for your private bedroom.

Your back might be sore, you will use muscles you didn't know you had… but trust me when I tell you it’s worth it. Even though it might feel weird, trust us when we pose you. Our expertise is what you are paying for! Your photos will be fabulous and you might walk away with a newfound appreciation for professional models.

Do it for YOU!!

Most women book shoots as a gift for someone else. The truth is, the experience is for you! The photos are the souvenir. Embrace the experience. The feelings that come along with it. Look back at the photos and remember how incredible you felt that day. You deserve the gift too. We have even had clients that have decided to keep their photos for themselves instead of giving them away! A great compromise is to order some Wall Art for your special someone. That way they can enjoy the beautiful photos of you every day.

While we’re on the subject.… I am going to take really gorgeous images of you. They are YOURS and it SUCKS that I can’t share them. I mean I love bragging on my clients and how proud I am of them when they totally rock their session. That said, I will ALWAYS respect your privacy. Our clients have the right to choose if we share their photos 100% of the time. If you don’t sign a marketing release (some clients decide to after they've seen their photos), I will not share your photos without your permission and I will not hold it against you. Your happiness is the most important thing in the world to me. That said, we love when you tell others how awesome we are. Boudoir is built on referrals and trust. If you love and trust us, please tell someone!

Size and age don't matter.

We don’t care if you are a size 2 or a size 22. Twenty-five years old or eighty-five years old. For me, I want all women to celebrate their unique femininity shamelessly. That truly means ALL women. We have clients that are plus sized, clients in their twenties, and clients over seventy! Don’t put boundaries on yourself just because you “think” it’s not for you. That is just your brain lying to you.

This could change your life.

You think you are booking a photo shoot for fun or a gift. And you are! However, there is often the most incredible side effect of this experience. Often women will realize their potential. Their secret powers. Their true worth. They will get in touch with feelings they repressed and forgot about a long time ago. These feelings open up their minds and worlds. It gives them the power to LIVE. To go after what they want in life. To get out of bad relationships, to apply for new jobs, to travel, to fall in love… The possibilities are endless. This is not just a photo shoot. It’s a life experience that offers you self-confidence, freedom, and a retraining of your brain that you can do something daring and good things will come of it.

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