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Pre Payment Plans

Pre Payment Plans are available in 1, 3 or 6 month terms so you can choose the plan right for you.

Our PrePayment Plans allow you to purchase your photo collection before your viewing and ordering session. This is a great way to get the collection you want while staying more budget-friendly. You can break up your payments over three or six-month installments, ensuring you get as many photos as you want! We also offer the option to purchase your photo package in one payment and still receive the discount.

The only time our collections are EVER discounted is through our PrePayment Plans. You will receive a 10% discount on whichever collection you choose.


PLUS when you pay the full-priced Session Fee ($300), you receive $100 to use toward our album options for your photos.

Keep scrolling for FAQs and access to our PrePayment pages!

Pre Payment Plans with New Light Boudoir


Q. Do I have to have my pre payment plan completed before my session to qualify for the discount?

A. Yes. When booking your session make sure you leave yourself enough time to complete your Installment Payments.

Q. Can I combine this discount with other special offers?

A. We don't ever discount our photo packages in any of our special offers. If you've paid your session fee and booked your session, you qualify for this offer. If you have specific questions about your session please contact us for clarification BEFORE signing the prepayment contract.

Q. What if I want to order more photos than what I pre purchase?

A. We don't lock our clients in to any of our print packages before their session. We can move you up to whichever collection fits you best at the time of your viewing and ordering session. Your prepayment amount will be credited to the upgrade, and you will receive the same 10% off your upgrade if it is paid in full on the day of your session. Otherwise we can set up a payment plan for the upgrade amount with no discount.

Q. Are the prepayments refundable?

A. Due to the structure of our business, and standard industry practices, all sales are final and there are no refunds on any payments made - including prepayments.

Q. How do I know which collection I will want?

A. Our most popular collection is our Premium Package. Most of our clients also add on Wall Art or other extras. Our average client spends around $2400 for their order. Remember, you can always upgrade your package selection at your viewing and ordering session.

Select your preferred length for your Pre Payment Plan to take advantage of this discount!

MN Plus Size Boudoir Photography, Top Rated Boudoir
WI Plus Size Boudoir Photography, Top Rated Boudoir
MN WI Plus Size Boudoir Photography, Top Rated Boudoir
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